WCPIP - Feeder is an easy to use risk management tool that provides beef producers with protection against price risk, currency risk and basis risk. The program is based on local markets and will help producers who background cattle to better manage the risks in today’s unpredictable cattle market.

Beef producers in Western Canada have faced volatile market prices in the past. Price, currency and basis risk make up a significant portion of the risk of feeding cattle and can be traditionally hard to manage. WCPIP is designed to be market driven to reflect the risks a producer in Western Canada faces, and to be simple and easy to understand.

CPIP - Feeder is designed to insure feeder cattle using a forecasted market driven price. Producers can expect to see insured indices and premium per cwt for policy lengths ranging from 12 to 36 weeks.

WCPIP - Feeder provides Western Canadian cattle producers with flexible, market driven, simple price insurance to product them against declines in the market that they sell in. WCPIP offers a range of coverage levels for a variety of policy lengths ranging from 12 to 36 weeks.

Getting Started

Participation is voluntary and will be available to cattle producers in Western Canada.

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