The Western Cattle Price Insurance Program (WCPIP) for Calves is available between February 5 - May 30, 2019. Producers can tailor coverage to their operation by purchasing price insurance for intended marketings from September to December.

The Western Cattle Price Insurance Program (WCPIP) for calves is an easy to use risk man­agement tool that provides beef producers the ability to manage price risk.  WCPIP - Calf is designed for the cow - calf producer to purchase coverage from Feb­ruary to May each year, with policies expiring during the fall calf run from September to December.

Cow calf producers are typically ‘price takers’ when selling calves, with prices vary­ing greatly year to year due to many factors impacting the market. Having a tool available to help protect against the ‘unknowns’ of the fall calf market and associ­ated price volatility can assist a producer with being more profitable.

WCPIP is designed to be market driven tool, helping Western Canadian producers manage their risk.


WCPIP - Calf is designed to be market driven tool. The program takes into account factors that impact the calf price including the futures market, the Canadian dollar, basis and the price of barley.

Getting Started

Participation is voluntary and will be available to cattle and hog producers in Western Canada. 

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