BC Forms

To access WLPIP in British Columbia, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the “Identification Number and Application for Subscription” form available (left),at the BC Ministry of Agriculture offices, or by calling 1.844.782.5747.
  2. Fax the completed forms to the nearest BC Ministry of Agriculture office or e-mail them to AGRI.WesternLivestockPriceInsuranceProgram@gov.bc.ca.
    A separate subscription must be completed for each WLPIP program (cattle or hog).
  3. Click "Login" on our home page and then "Create new web account" to get started.
  4. WLPIP accounts can be used to purchase policies, pay premiums, and file claims.

Support accessing or purchasing a WLPIP policy is available by calling 1.844.782.5747 between 7:15am and 3:30pm PST Monday to Friday.

Need help with your forms? Visit the Forms Instructions Area.